I'll be honest- I love shooting food. Its so fun. Seriously. Even more though, I love the opportunity to get to shoot some lifestyle head shots, fun people, and food all in one place! 

Tasi is a great place for brunch/lunch in the Short North- tucked away on Pearl Street. I'll let these photos speak for themselves though :) 



Shooting with Sierra is always a blast! She's such a versatile, truly lovely, and talented Found Model. I styled this look out of my closet (which I often do) and this beautiful flower kimono was the best thrift store find I've had in awhile! 

Also! Can't forget amazing hair and makeup done by Hallie Marie!


https://www.hallimarie.com/  http://www.foundmodels.com/women/#/sierra/



Zoo Trip

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you? :) I remember my mom singing this to us. Now I get to sing it to Sawyer. We had such a great time at the Columbus Zoo with my old high school buddy Brittany (Miss. B) and the little guy she nanny's for. Somehow I lucked out and Julian and Sawyer became best friends in their daycare!


zoo boys-2.jpg
zoo boys-4.jpg


I've never met anyone quite like MelRo. Her energy is undeniably calming and assured. She's a beautiful light that does amazing work with the foster care system, is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, AND she's building a school in Ghana. Oof! How she does it all- I don't know. I'm lucky I got to shoot her with Monty from Open Image Studio and Brian from True Studios. 




Hi All!

Last Thursday Steve, Sawyer, and I had the pleasure of experiencing Boodle Night at Bonifacio in Grandview. I can't describe to you in words how wonderful it was. My husband was in heaven, and Sawyer had a blast. 

Please go check it out for yourself! 


Also tried my hand at some video: https://vimeo.com/271783629

Also tried my hand at some video: https://vimeo.com/271783629


Long time...no post

Ok. Goals for May- make more blog posts! I have been busy busy busy and that is not an excuse for not posting. I find myself getting frustrated because I'm creating so much content but not showing it anywhere. Soooo- here goes nothing! A small doable goal to post once a week! 

First post! The Summer Flea was this weekend and I had to stop by to see my friend Stephanie and her beautiful up-cycled denim capes/coats. I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Kathleen from Ruhling Woven :) can't wait to collaborate with her soon!



Stephanie : SKBG Studios   

Stephanie : SKBG Studios


Summer Flea-6.jpg
Kathleen: Ruhling Woven   

Kathleen: Ruhling Woven


Ruhling Woven.jpg