Savannah & the end of week 27

I have hit the point in my pregnancy where sh*t gets real. I’m lucky to have had it pretty easy so far, but inevitably, I knew the time would come when the dreaded RLS (restless legs syndrome) would return for me.

Instead of a normal amount of “not sleeping” that pregnant women endure, there is an added horror of an almost ghoulish grip that comes for your legs just as your about to doze off. Baths, magnesium, potassium, massage, stretching, you name it, I’ve tried it. The only thing that seems to be working is knowing that I won’t sleep until after 2:00 am (which is around the time I start my yoga video) and eventually knowing it’ll end.

My dear brother suggested I start blogging. What else do the night people do? I might as well give it a try. Nothing to lose when I have these nighttime blues.

I’ll start with some words on my current vacation situation- a pit stop in Savannah on our way to see family in Florida. Originally this trip was supposed to be with my husband but work and nursery prep hindered that. Luckily my sister-in-law (KK) was down for a road trip.

We got to Savannah around 11:00 pm and stayed at The Hotel Indigo in the downtown historical district- it was heaven (even though I was up till 3am and fell asleep half standing over the bed watching…I want to say Parks and Rec, can’t be too sure though).

We woke up, KK and Sawyer got some good snuggles in, we jumped on the bed, and packed up. Brunch was at Collin's Quarter, where they were VERY kind when I knocked over my iced coffee onto Sawyer’s Brioche french toast… 60 seconds after they gave it to me. Can’t praise the customer service enough for the quick replacement of our ruined breakfast items. Sawyer was NOT impressed by me.

We snapped a few photos and were on our way to Florida!


I'll be honest- I love shooting food. Its so fun. Seriously. Even more though, I love the opportunity to get to shoot some lifestyle head shots, fun people, and food all in one place! 

Tasi is a great place for brunch/lunch in the Short North- tucked away on Pearl Street. I'll let these photos speak for themselves though :) 



Shooting with Sierra is always a blast! She's such a versatile, truly lovely, and talented Found Model. I styled this look out of my closet (which I often do) and this beautiful flower kimono was the best thrift store find I've had in awhile! 

Also! Can't forget amazing hair and makeup done by Hallie Marie!



Zoo Trip

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you? :) I remember my mom singing this to us. Now I get to sing it to Sawyer. We had such a great time at the Columbus Zoo with my old high school buddy Brittany (Miss. B) and the little guy she nanny's for. Somehow I lucked out and Julian and Sawyer became best friends in their daycare!


zoo boys-2.jpg
zoo boys-4.jpg


I've never met anyone quite like MelRo. Her energy is undeniably calming and assured. She's a beautiful light that does amazing work with the foster care system, is a nationally recognized motivational speaker, AND she's building a school in Ghana. Oof! How she does it all- I don't know. I'm lucky I got to shoot her with Monty from Open Image Studio and Brian from True Studios. 




Hi All!

Last Thursday Steve, Sawyer, and I had the pleasure of experiencing Boodle Night at Bonifacio in Grandview. I can't describe to you in words how wonderful it was. My husband was in heaven, and Sawyer had a blast. 

Please go check it out for yourself! 


Also tried my hand at some video:

Also tried my hand at some video:


Long post

Ok. Goals for May- make more blog posts! I have been busy busy busy and that is not an excuse for not posting. I find myself getting frustrated because I'm creating so much content but not showing it anywhere. Soooo- here goes nothing! A small doable goal to post once a week! 

First post! The Summer Flea was this weekend and I had to stop by to see my friend Stephanie and her beautiful up-cycled denim capes/coats. I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Kathleen from Ruhling Woven :) can't wait to collaborate with her soon!



Stephanie : SKBG Studios   

Stephanie : SKBG Studios


Summer Flea-6.jpg
Kathleen: Ruhling Woven   

Kathleen: Ruhling Woven


Ruhling Woven.jpg